To produce well developed oriented professional and practitioners with excellent leadership qualities in Agricultural system of Education, research and development, extension capability and sustainable production.


The College of Agriculture envisions being active agent of economic and social avenge that provides excellent leadership in the Arts, Sciences and development of Human resources with an integrative knowledge and responsive to the needs of Agricultural Communities.


To upgrade the curricula geared towards the production of quality instruction, skilled and technical manpower responsive to the local and international standards making our graduates truly globally competitive;

  • To promote and adopt research programs that generate and verify technologies in agricultural development;

  • To establish an integrated community-based extension services program.

  • To develop and promote an agribusiness production system capable of sustaining productivity and profitability.

  • To implement development programs that will addressed poverty alleviations and food security.

  • To expand land resources, institute campus development and acquire additional equipment and facilities necessary to support quality instruction, research, and extension and production activities.

  • To promote harmonious relationships between and among students, faculty members and employees inculcating the values of peace and


The College of Agriculture was initially established through the College of Science and Mathematics as the spearheading College in establishing the College of Agriculture. The implementation plan was for the 1st and 2nd year to be held at the College of Science and Mathematics. While the 3rd and 4th year will be holding their classes at the College of Agriculture campus at San Ramon. By 1983, all year levels were transferred to the College of Agriculture at San Ramon.