Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
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The BSA programs aims to educate in the scientific habit of thought, entrepreneurial skills and prepare them to become professional with entry-level competencies in technical agriculture. It emphasizes the process and techniques of identifying, diagnosing and analyzing problems and in designing, packaging and applying technologies needed in the development and conservation of the agriculture and food system resources. It is a four year course with curricular program designed to meet the challenges of the future through equipping students with skill to balance the natural resources, human and economic contributions that affect the agricultural sustainability, specifically the animal industry. The curricular program addresses the needs of the times without compromising the future generations. Wide career opportunities are open to the graduates of this course, this includes farm managers, consultant of animal projects, animal health products, and technicians of private and government agencies, researcher, sales representative and instructor in agricultural educational institutions.

Program Objectives:

  • Serve and cater students who have the learning and love to care animals, it's production and improvements;
  • Develop student own philosophical and ethical views on sustainable agriculture and collaborate with other learning institutions in undertaking projects in the community; and
  • Encourage and develop students to become entrepreneur and skilled agriculture workers open for global competitiveness.