Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering
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Agricultural Engineering is a discipline base on the application of engineering principles for the production and processing food, fiber and materials of biological origin. In the Philippines, Agricultural Engineering concentrates on such area as the irrigation and drainage of agricultural land, erosion control, planning of farm building, agricultural waste management, agricultural processing and development of labor-saving farm equipment and systems. BSAE is a five year program which integrates the basic engineering principles of the allied engineering courses such as mechanical, civil and electrical with its applications in agriculture. A license is required for the practice of the profession both in public and private entities. These are various opportunities for employment when one is a licensed agricultural engineer. It varies from farm manager, sales engineer, consultant, supervisor of agricultural projects, instructors in higher institutions of learning offering agriculture and agricultural engineering courses.

Program Objectives:

  • To educate students in the application of engineering principles to agriculture particularly in the solution of problems related to agroindustrial development.
  • To prepare them to become functional professionals with entry-level competencies;
  • To develop the approach of identifying analyzing and evaluating problems in planning design, construction of tools, equipment implement and machine management of agricultural engineering systems and extension needed in increasing land, labor and capital productivity
  • To prepare the student to ventures in agricultural engineering enterprise in relation to the call of times-liberation and globalization.