Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness
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BSAB aims to produce educated well-rounded professionals in agribusiness capable of meeting the national and global needs highly trained managers,academics, researchers and extension and entrepreneurs. Graduates of BSAB may go onto:

  1. Corporate Planners
  2. Entrepreneurs
  3. Business Consultants
  4. Business Managers
  5. Sales Representative
  6. Credit Analysis
  7. Teachers, Researchers, Entensionists, etc.
Agricultural Business is closely related in the fields of Agriculture, business, management, economics, accountancy, and public administration. BSAB is a four year degree program designed to prepare students for entrepreneurial and managerial responsibilities in farms, agro industries, banks and other financial institutions as well as public and private agencies which are engaged in planning and implementing agribusiness development projects and programs. Employment opportunities of BSBA graduates include the following: manager of any entrepreneurial business, agricultural research of banking/ financial institutions, instructor in any agricultural colleges and universities, agricultural entrepreneurship.

Program Objectives:

  • To produce competitive entrepreneurs Agriculture imbued with traits; equipped with farm management skills and expertise Science farming;
  • To develop entrepreneurial ability and skills the students through the use of efficient and effective educational instructions in agribusiness and
  • To train student on actual agribusiness venture as well as in the application of management principles and modern technologies agriculture.