Diploma in Agricultural Technology and Bachelor in Agricultural Technology
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BAT is a ladderized program that starts from Diploma in Agricultural Technology. Student can be admitted for enrollment even if there score is below college passing percentile, However, if they wish to continue to BAT after graduation of DAT, the student are required to pass the College Entrance Test (CET) with a score of 40% and above to pursue the program. However, they can take the CET even if they are still taking the DAT course to meet the BAT requirement. Graduate of DAT program can proceed to BAT curriculum so long as they comply with the requirements. However, those that do not proceed may work as a farm technician, laboratory aide, research aide, entrepreneur, and agriculturist/farmers.

Program Objectives:

  • Equip students to become technicians and professionals with abilities needed to make practical applications of theoretical knowledge and develop entry level occupational proficiency in clusters of jobs in agriculture.
  • Develop and produce graduate who will become successful agribusiness operators, entrepreneurs, and managers.
  • Train students on technical knowledge, practical skills and business acumen to self-employment through business venture.