Bachelor of Science in Architecture
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This program provides students with knowledge and skills in planning, designing and constructing buildings taking into account the principles of utility, strength and aesthetics. The program is offered in ladder type curriculum. The first 3 years put emphasis on providing opportunities for the students to draw and design with a sense of quality and technical expertise; to develop visual perception, and to understand construction as a means of communication of principles. Upon satisfactory completion of the prescribed courses at a certain level, students will be granted Certifications for the technical skills acquired. The last two years are used to plan actual projects and explore the more detailed spatial and visual considerations and to gain knowledge in computer science as applied to Architecture. Special emphasis is given on the importance of research as evidence by the thesis requirement of the course. Additionally, the knowledge and understanding of the ethical guidelines of the profession is a significant component of the program.

Program Objectives:

Architectural education is primarily concerned with providing the students with the highest degree of knowledge, skills and competence in the art and science of architecture and their total growth and development within the framework of democratic ideals and spiritual values; and the evolvement of a distinct Filipino Architecture within the concept of a Filipino ideology, without losing sight of the continued advancement in Science and Technology. These skills will help you in this course: Artistic Talent and drawing skills Technical skills Creativity Analytical skills

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