Master of Science in Criminology
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The WMSU Criminology Masterís Degree program leading to the degree in Criminal Justice Education Specialization in Criminology (MSCriminology) is a discipline that enhances the quality of criminology professionals to be more responsive to the needs of the Philippine Criminal Justice System. It has produced competent graduate who are now employed in the different Law Enforcement Agencies, various branches of Military Services, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and other Private Security Institutions in the country. The Western Mindanao State University is the only State University pioneering the offering of Master's Degree in Criminal Justice through a consortium (PAP) Crim. F.I.L.E. Academybased in Cebu City.

Program Objectives:

  • To equip the students with advanced knowledge and skills necessary in the practice of the Criminology profession.
  • To prepare and encourage students to do independent research in Criminology and Forensic Sciences;
  • To provide opportunities for higher specialization and advanced technical training in the field of law enforcement, Forensics, police administration, corrections and crime; and,
  • To train professionals to be more globally competitive in the field of Forensics and Criminology.