To educate and produce top quality engineers who will become the country’s leading Technologists engineers, industrial managers, environmentalists and information technology experts in support of the socio-economic and technological development of the country. Utilize our resources and expertise to support local industries and strengthen linkages.


We aspire to be an Asian standard school of engineering in Western Mindanao producing graduates imbued with sound Filipino values, highly productive, globally competitive and committed to quality engineering services


To prepare educate future leaders in the engineering profession who possess the competence and expertise and are recognized for their:

  • Analytical and technical capability in utilizing the tools of engineering mathematics, sciences and technology to solve societal problems.

  • Proficiency in oral and written communication.

  • Contributions to society as planners, consultants, contractors, and leaders in multidisciplinary teams.

  • Pursuit of lifelong learning and professional development.


The CET is one of the oldest colleges of the University. From its humble beginnings as an Institute of Engineering and Technology offering only two engineering courses, it has now produce engineering graduates in the different fields of engineering. The college is consistently producing board to notch and high board passing rate in the Engineering Board Examinations which are consistently higher than the national passing rate.