Bachelor of Science in Sanitary Engineering
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This program deals with basic principles and design aspects of sanitary engineering infrastructure. This comprises: drinking water supply and treatment, sewerage and wastewater treatment. Study goals: insight in technological aspects of the urban water infrastructure

Program Objectives:

  • To provide students with the foundations of Sanitary Engineering to enable them to conduct sanitary surveys or feasibility studies, prepare reports, plans and design, direct and perform constructions, operation and maintenance works, consultancy services and managerial and entrepreneurial task's in the following fields of practice:
    • Air Pollution and its Control.
    • Domestic/Industrial Waste Collection, Treatment and Disposable.
    • Plumbing and Fire Protection System for Buildings.
    • Public Health Engineering.
    • Sewage (Storm and Sanitary) System.
    • Soil Pollution and its Control.
    • Solid Waste Management.
    • Water Pollution and its Control.
    • Water Supply and Waterworks Systems.
    • Environmental Engineering Works.
  • To develop within the students sensitivity and responsibility towards environment and society;
  • To keep abreast with the economic, technological and scientific modernization and globalization and of the profession;
  • To develop in the students leadership abilities as well as business and management skills; and
  • To prepare students to become life-long learners.