Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
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This course prepares students to be highly knowledgeable to computer hardware. The program exposes the student to various in dealing with problems in computer design and other computer based devices.


  • To provide comprehensive foundations of the knowledge and skills that enable graduates to adapt to new technologies and new ideas in the design, analysis and implementation of software and/or hardware, and formulate an effective solution to solve computing problems.
  • To enable graduates to effectively apply the knowledge of mathematics and different engineering sciences to conduct system analysis to perform system design and development and to implement project management.
  • To offer a learning environment to students of high potential who will be able to conduct personal development, to engage in technopreneurship and to practice professional ethics in the workplace.
  • To involve and to encourage students to produce research relevant with the institutional, regional and national priorities and responsive to the needs and concerns of the communities they serve.

This course can lead to:

  • Information Technician
  • Staff in IT companies and they can engage in design development implementation, maintenance and as well as management of computer systems.