Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

This course prepares students to be IT professionals who are able to perform installation, operation, development, maintenance and administration of computer applications. The goal of the program is to gear up students as “information technologist” who can assists individuals and organizations in solving problems using information technology techniques.

Program Objectives:

  • To effectively apply the computer science theories and methodologies and mathematical concepts in modeling, designing and developing of computer -based systems of varying complexity.
  • To adapt new technologies and ideas in the design, analysis and implementation of software, and to formulate an effective solution to solve information technology-related program.
  • To provide students with opportunity to pursue personal development and lifelong learning through research, graduate studies, professional and membership to professional organization to be globally competitive.
  • To produce student-leaders and graduates who recognize the societal needs and understand the professional, legal security, and ethical issues relevant to computing career practice.
  • To involve and to encourage students to produce researches relevant with the institutional, regional and national priorities and responsive to the needs and concerns of the communities they serve.

Program Outcomes:

  • Information Technician
  • Staff in IT companies and they can engage in design development implementation, maintenance and as well as management of computer systems.

Major in Information Technology
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The BSCS IT program equips the students with the basic ability to conceptualize, design and implement software applications. It also provides experience in the development of office support (word processing, spreadsheet, database and accounting), intranet and internet and specialized professionals software (multi-media, website development and eCommerce). It also background in mathematical and computing principles.

Major in Software Technology
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This course prepares students to become competent computer scientist and IT professionals who are capable of designing effective and efficient technological solutions for nation building. With the good understanding of the foundation theories of Computer Science, the program provides opportunities for students to discover and strategically manage innovative technology to help shape the future of computing. Unlike the IT majors, ST students are engaged in advanced research and product development in various fields. ST graduates not only produce software solutions that are relevant to the needs of the community, but also exemplify leadership qualities in order to set and pursue future directions for computing industry and research.