Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering
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This course is concern with the environment management of the natural resources, care about the biological, chemical, physical reactions in the air, land and water environments and on the latest technology for integrated management systems which relates to reuse, recycle, reduction and recovery measures. This course also covers management of liquid resources(portable and other uses), solid waste, reduction of air and land contamination, toxic and hazardous wastes, protection and preservation of wildlife habitat endangered species and overall well-being of the ecosystem.

Program Objectives:

  • To provide graduates with a solid foundation for graduate studies, continuing education, and life-long professional development.
  • To provide graduates with the technical knowledge and skills required to practice environmental engineering.
  • To provide graduates with an understanding of the ethical, social, legal and professional issues faced environmental practice.

Program Outcomes:

  • Plant Engineer
  • Field service and control supervisor
  • Environment Engineer