The Western Mindanao State University mission is to educate and produce well trained and develop oreinted and forward looking professional and technological development of the region and the country it shall endeavor to expand the frontiers of knowledge and its uses to society and natural physical and social sciences.


The Western Mindanao State University shall be the center of Excellence and a leading institution for human resources development in the Country and the ASEAN region with International Recognition


To train students and produce competent professionals in the field of forestry, agroforestry and environmental science with values on sustainable development of the natural environment and forest resources.


The College of Forestry and Environmental Studies is one of the units of the Western Mindanao State University that provides the technical discipline needed in response to the alarming issues and concerns on environment and natural resources.

The WMSU College of forestry was originally established in 1975 under the College of Arts and Sciences. It became an Institute in 1978 through Board Resolution No. 18, dated January 1978. It became a separate and distinct unit of the University on June 19, 1978 by virtue of the charter of the University. PD 1427. In august 11, 1995, upon recommendation and approval of the Board of Regent/s of the University, the College has been rename to College of Forestry and Environmental Studies. This is to promote Environmental awareness in the region and the incorporation of environmental sciences subjects in its program.

Under the College of Arts and Sciences, the offering of a two year Forest Ranger Course started in 1975 with an initial enrolment of 17 students. Three years later, SY 1977-1978, it started offering a four-year course leading to the Bachelor of Science in Forestry degree. However, the Forest Ranger Certificate was phase in School year 1979-1980. One of the significant achievement during this period was the construction of the College of Forestry building in Lot II of the main campus.

In June 2006, per Board Resolution No. 333, Series of 2006, the College has been transferred to San Ramon Campus approximately 22 kilometers away from the City Proper. In 2007, the College started to offer two (2) other courses namely: the Bachelor of Science in Agroforestry and Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science per Board Resolution No. 112, Series of 2006 and Board Resolution No. 14, Series of 2007. Likewise, the Creation of Department at the College were also made per Board Resolution No. 123, Series of 2007, namely: The Department of Forestry, Department of Environmental Science and the Department of Agroforestry.


  1. Philippine Forestry Education Network, Inc. (PFEN)
  2. Philippine Agroforestry Education and Research Network (PAFERN)
  3. Philippines Network of Educators on Environment (PNEE)
  4. Philippine Association of Tertiary Level Educational Institutions in Environmental Protection and Management (PATLEPAM)

Awards and Recognition: Awarded by the PRC

  • 2007 Top 2 Forestry Schools in the Philippines
  • 2006 - Top2 Forestry Schools in the Philippines
  • 2004 Top 5 Forestry Schools in the Philippines
  • 2001 Top 6 Forestry Schools in the Philippines
  • 1997 Top 5 Forestry Schools in the Philippines

Forester Licensure Examination Board Topnotchers

  • 2012 - Federick D. Tuga 5th placer
  • 2001 Nahsum A. Nasirin 10th placer
  • 1998 Chanito Paul O. Siton 4th placer
  • 1997 Wendell O. Atay 10th placer
  • 1993 Eduardo F. Sanson 8th placer

    Conrado T. Barredo 9th placer