Bachelor of Science in Agro-Forestry
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(Per CHED Memorandum Order No. 9, Series of 2006 and Board Resolution No. 112, Series of 2006) It is anchored on the belief that an educated human resource can be an instrument of harmonizing and/ or unifying the interaction and synergy between the people and soil upon which agro forestry crops are grown to provide economic upliftment and sustain the environment. The curriculum is designed to prepare well-rounded agro forestry professional with competencies in art, business and science and science of agro forestry. The graduates of the program may go into technicians, teachers, researchers, supervisors, technical consultants in business and entrepreneurs.

Program Objectives:

BSAG is a set of multi-dimensional learning designed to prepare professionals with general competencies in carrying out the science, art and business of a dynamic and interactive process of production, management and utilization of trees and other woody perennials, agricultural crops and/or animals and soils and related environment in the same unit of land arranged either zonally, mixed simultaneously or sequentially for the twin purpose of conservation and socio-economic productivity.