Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
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(Per CHED Memorandum Order No. 35, Series of 2005 and Board Resolution No. 14, Series of 2007) Environmental Science seeks to study the environment and the impact of human society on it using the tools of science in an interdisciplinary way. There are three characteristic of environment science. First, its primary objective is to use the various sciences in the study of environment. Second, it is based in the sciences but its approach is interdisciplinary. Thus, it employs the scientific method as its principal framework, and applies whichever science is needed to the study of the environment. Third, it also recognizes the very important role that human society has in environment. Environmental Science, therefore, is a vital tool in laying down the groundwork for the effective management of the environment. BSES aims to expose the students in an integrated way to environmental process and phenomena, as well as, environmental issues, from the perspective of the natural sciences and to train the students to recognize and understand the natural environment, how human effect the environment, and how the environment impacts on society. Graduate of BSES program can be employed in work related to air and water quality management, energy and resource management, planning and design, waste management and environmental assessment. In assessors, environmental officers, conservation and resource management staff, project planning and assessment and program/project/technical personnel in private companies, non-government organization and government agencies

Program Objectives:

1. Equipped with sufficient knowledge on the scientific theories and techniques needed to monitor and understand environmental quality; 2. Able to integrate and apply the various disciplines towards the understanding of environmental problems; 3. Knowledgeable regarding relevant local, regional and global environmental issues; and 4. Able to employ a rational structured approach to solving environmental problems.