Bachelor of Science in Food Technology
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This program is a discipline based on the application of science and related fields of study in the conversion of agriculture raw materials into safe, stable, palatable and nutritious foods. It includes the post-harvest handling, preparation, processing, packaging, storage and distribution of food to ensure food security and the well-being of individuals, famines and communities. It includes the social, cultural, economic managerial and environmental aspects of food systems.

Program Objectives:

  • To equip students with adequate knowledge, attitudes, values and skills in providing service that can enhance nutritional status of individuals of individuals and communities.
  • To develop /utilize research and capabilities to undertake research along priority areas for income generations.
  • To develop pro-active and upright professionals to disseminate technologies for country side development to accelerate economic progress.

Program Outcomes:

  • Food Manufacturing and Engineering
  • Quality control/assurance
  • Product development
  • Food analysis
  • Marketing
  • Academic institutions