Master of Arts in Education
Major in Health Education
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  • Strengthen the role of the school in the maintenance and promotion of health through health education.
  • Recognize the role and responsibilities to be competent in teaching nutrition and health education in the school, hospitals, community and society.
  • Provide learning experiences in developing skills and attitudes of community organizing and people’s empowerment through primary health care.
  • Demonstrate positive in learning about the new trends and other development related to health.

Major in Home Economics
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  • Provide educational services as Home Economics teachers that will lead to the development of human potentials parallel to the trends in teaching and learning instructions.
  • Provide learning experiences in the deliberation of different issues and problems encountered in the teaching of Home Economics.
  • Emphasize the importance of establishing a wholesome relationship with the family, community and the society as a whole.
  • Encourage the production, utilization and society as a whole output in Home Economics.