Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics
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This program is designed to adequately equip the students with the fundamental knowledge, attitudes and skills in foods, nutrition, dietetics management and allied fields in order to prepare them for entry level professional responsibilities in education and communication, food and nutrition research, clinical dietetics, food service industries, well programs and public health community nutrition.

Program Objectives:

  • To equip students with adequate knowledge, attitudes, values and skills in providing service that can enhance nutritional status of individuals of individuals and communities.
  • To plan and organized and managed programs that can answer to identified problems of individuals and communities.
  • To initiate research projects based on priority areas that can contribute to the improvement of individual community health.
  • To prepare students with responsibilities in the areas of teaching, hospital dietetics, commercial food service in public health nutrition and entrepreneurial activities to be globally responsive and competitive.

Program Outcomes:

  • hospitals nutritionist and food companies
  • Nutritionist in both government and private agencies
  • private/athletic diet and nutrition consultant
  • health and wellness clinic supervisor
  • manager in food establishments
  • food/health researcher and academician