Consistent with the mission of the University, The College of Liberal Arts aims to:

  • Be the center of the excellence in the field of Communication Arts and Humanities as well as the Social Sciences in Western Mindanao, the Country and the global community;

  • Train students to be productive citizens who are fully aware of their roles and participation in the society who are globally responsive to the issues and concerns that generally affect them, their country and the society;

  • Promote competence among students in their respective program to prepare them in the social world of work for a better and wholesome quality of life;

  • provide opportunity for students to develop their communication skills and creativity;

  • Produce a new breed of competent Social Science practitioners in their areas of specialization imbued with a high sense of social responsibility, and empowered to respond to the needs of various local and global communities.

  • Strengthen the cultural, moral, physical and spiritual values of students through proper guidance counseling, interaction and intercultural dialogues;

  • Facilitate the studentís production of research and extension output in their field of specialization.


College of Liberal Arts has gone its long way up since 1969 when it was established as Institute of Arts and Sciences (IAS). WMSU was then called Zamboanga State College (ZSC) from the Zamboanga Normal School under R.A.5492-1969. June 10, 1978, under P.D. no. 1472 signed by former Pres. Fredinand E. Marcos, ZSC was finally converted to Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) at the same time transforming IAS to College of Sciences (CS). It was year 2000, when CLA made its entry in shaping the understanding and learning of the students of WMSU. For ten years, the College had been serving its students as the groundwork of learning, inculcating its learners with the fundamental knowledge such as English, Filipino, Humanities, Communications and Social Sciences. These basic subjects are very essential for every students of the University to implant in their pockets of wisdom as they embark on the field that they choose to.