Bachelor of Arts in English
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The program centers on the theoretical aspects and practical applications of the English language and literature. Not only does this course aim to furnish students with deep insights regarding the nature of the language, but also with the unique features and structures as well. Its curriculum was designed in a way that it will equip students with the right knowledge and skills in order for them to become articulate English speakers and achieve a high level of English proficiency in general

Program Objectives:

  • Develop the communicative skills of students through exposure to authentic texts and situations inside and outside the classrooms;
  • Utilize teaching methodology that addresses the communicative needs of students to be competent communicators ready to face the demands of the modern world
  • Strengthen the competence of English instructors and professors through further study, seminars, trainings, and conferences;
  • Integrate literature in the curriculum of the department, so that the students will learn to love and embrace the value of reading literary pieces;
  • Support students activities in language and literature where they can practice their talents for communicative competence and personality development; and
  • Advocate a research- based culture in the department;
  • Groom future effective and competitive servant leaders among students through activities that will usher towards development
Program Outcomes:

  • Media Practitioner
  • Academician
  • Translator