Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
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The program covers government, public policies and political behavior, using both humanistic and scientific perspectives and skills to examine all countries and regions of the world. It is an empirical discipline, the study of shaping and sharing of power and a political act performed in power perspectives. It covers important areas of study including Philippine Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Theory and Methodology, Public Administration, Political Dynamics, Local and Global Governance and Research in Politics. AB in Political Science is also a preparatory course for a law degree.

Program Objectives:

  • To enhance the ability of students in the relevant fields of political theories language, and methodologies in relation to the particular discipline.
  • To expose the Students to the prevailing and contemporary developments in each of the subfields in Political Science.
  • To equip the students with the different and imperative skills necessary for political and policy analysis and enable them to formulate needed interventions to institute the designed political changes geared toward better appreciation of the status quo and their implications in the future
Program Outcomes:

  • Paralegal/Legal Assistants
  • Campaign Operator
  • Personnel in Government Offices, Courts, Law Firms