Bachelor of Nursing
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Is a program that teaches students the necessary skills and knowledge to care for the sick and injured. The program revolves around four main components; health promotion, disease prevention, risk reduction and health restoration. The course consists of subjects in General Education (English, Mathematics, Filipino) and Professional Nursing (theoretical Foundations in Nursing, Nursing Care Management). Students will be trained to use the most important concept in the program which is the Nursing Process (Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation). The program will also prepare students to be able to accurately perform the nursing processes.

Program Objectives:

  • Produce fully functioning nurses to perform the competencies under each of the Key Areas of Responsibility in the competency standards of the BSN Curriculum.
  • Produce graduates who are globally competitive, locally relevant and transculturally sensitive imbued with the core values of the nursing profession and in collaboration with other disciplines.
  • Promote utilization of generative knowledge on indigenous resources and practices with the community for health development.
  • Utilize research and research-based knowledge for the advancement/improvement of nursing profession.
  • Strengthen the Nursing Extension Program through a collaborative effort and partnership among health related entities and organized groups as support-based for curricular program.
  • Establish collaborative partnerships for resource generation and utilization in response to the health of the community
  • Initiate resource generation through various productive endeavours such as instructional materials and other research-related discoveries.
  • Enhance faculty competence through scholarships, trainings, workshops in their field of specialization.