CPADS The College strives to maintain its level of excellence in training and producing qualified graduates that will create avenues for genuine people’s participation in local as well as for by optimizing its Research and Extension Services in response to the growing people – initiated development actions taking in Western Mindanao.


Through quality Education, the College envisions a transformed Society where empowered people live in a community, which is just, prospectus, gender-sensitive and free.


In pursuance of its vision/mission the College provides/undertakes: instruction special training, research, extension services and consultancy services. The College will persistently undertake the following more specific objectives.

1. In addition current degree programs, offer such other relevant curricular programs as may become necessary to meet the needs or demands of the region and country;

2. To establish and strengthen linkages with other training and research institutions of public governance and to operationalize such relationship through joint programs and other endeavors

3. To continuously conduct environmental scanning and analysis of current and emerging socio-economic and political situations, to anticipate societal problems, issues and challenges and inform accordingly authoritative public officials and/or institutions about it;

4. To undertake publication of Journals, Bulletins, Occasional Papers, Books and other materials or public administration and general management and;

5. To establish and maintain a well-stocked modern professional Library and develop an information and Data Bank relative to the country’s public administration and socio-economic and political situation.