To educate and produce knowledgeable, well-trained and high level professionals who can be leaders required to a competitive society. It will continue to have as its inherent function of contributing to the revival, preservation and promotion of the Filipino cultural heritage in terms of games, sports and dances.


The College of PHYSICAL EDUCATION, RECREATION AND SPORTS (CPERS) shall be the Leader in the field of Human Movement Sciences, Physical Education, sports and Recreation or Leisure Studies in the region and its neighboring countries.



The College of Physical Education, Recreation and Sports (CPERS) shall continue to:

1. Provide the needed leadership in local, regional, national and international programs in human movement science, sports, physical education, dance and recreation.

2. Develop curricular offerings to encompass recreation and eventually tourism, which would meet regional, national and global urgencies.

3. Constantly deliver service activities in the field of human movement sciences, physical education, recreation, dance and fitness programming for the community.

4. Continue to implement basic physical education programs of the university; major programs for sports scientists, physical educators, dance and recreation activity specialist.

5. Provide a varsity program for highly skilled students who wish to excel in sports and an intramural for all students who wish to experience athletic competition.

6. Conduct research in human movement science, physical education, sports, dances and recreation studies.

7. Provide technical expertise to agencies needing help in the promotion of physical education, sports, dances and recreation programs.

8. Conduct extension services in the field of physical education, sports, recreation and dance.