Bachelor of Science in Community Development
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Bachelor of Science in Community Development this program provides a strong foundation to students in program/project development, financial development, basic economics and community organizations. The program includes topics in Information Technology, Public Administration, Administration in Rural Development and Community planning and entrepreneurship. This program aims to produce graduates who are equipped with ample knowledge and skills necessary in becoming effective community organizers. Duration: 4 years

Program Objectives:

The bachelor of science in community development aims to achieve the ff objectives: 1.To develop and produce students into effective community development workers who are trained with core competencies , knowledge, skills and attitude to engage in community development work that promotes community empowerment and sustainable development 2.To conduct and disseminate researches aimed at greater participation and empowerment of communities development programs within the context of more equitable and sustainable development 3. To enhance and promote effective and innovative teaching and learning methods and approaches that will assist the students in adapting to changing context of community development practice 4.To increase and strengthen linkage with governmental, on-governmental and educational institutions and affiliations aimed at promoting partnerships for a broader learning forum and symposium for students and faculty. 5.To develop new academic programs in social planning, community resource management community organization in response to community needs in community development practice. 6.To develop and foster beneficial relationships with organizations, groups and local government units by strengthening the supervised fieldwork in the provision of expertise to facilitate the implementation of development programs and projects.

Program Outcomes:

Community Organizer (Government Agencies, Municipalities) Community Sustainability Officer (Government Agencies, Municipalities) Urban Development Specialist (Government Agencies, Municipalities) Cultural sustainability Assistant (Government Agencies, Municipalities) Community Relations Manager (Government Agencies, Municipalities)