Master of Social Work

The Graduate of Program of Social Work is determined to upgrade practice of social work for graduates students in consonance with the Mission and Goal of the College of Social Work and Community Development

Program Objectives:

1. To enhance the expertise of practitioners by providing leaders in Social Work profession in varies fields of Social Work and other graduates students who are professional in other fields of discipline engaged in social work. 2. To continue to conscientisize graduate students to relate new knowledge learned in social work and employ into poor, marginalized and dysfunction members of the society. 3. To encourage students relevant and timeless researches benefiting them, administrators, clinical social work practitioners and community organization clients who shall be direct beneficiaries in the researches they accompanied. 4. To further network with other agencies and establish linkages with national and international organization in order to fortly and strengthen facilitation of service delivery to client for their empowerment and self-suffiency who is in a constant states in maintaining equilibrium in the social functioning roles vis-a- vis demands of environment of which they belong.

Major in Social Work Administration, Community Organization and Clinical Practice
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