Western Mindanao State University Guidance and Counseling Center

Counseling Service

Individual or Group Counseling are available to clients who have academic, personal, interpersonal, career, or spiritual concern.

  • Counseling services aims to assist the students in meeting the following concerns:

    1. Academic Problems

    2. Home, family and environmental concerns

    3. Personal-social

    4. Psycho-spiritual

    5. Career

    6. Vocational

    7. Physical

    8. Emotional

  • Types of Counseling Offered:

    1. Individual Counseling

    2. Group Counseling

    3. Peer Counseling

    4. Crisis Counseling

    5. Intake/exit Counseling

  • Individual Counseling: caters to walk-in clients, referred cases and all other cases that are within the scope of the guidance staff to attend to.

    Individual Counseling is for those:

    1. Individuals who need assistance in their personal-social, academic and career-vocational problems.

    2. Individuals in crisis situation who needs help overcoming his/her crisis.

    3. Individuals who request for assistance in decision-making

    4. Who have fears of sharing in groups.

    5. Persons who have communication and interpersonal problems

    6. Individuals who are involved in behavioral misconduct.

    7. Persons who are not comfortable sharing his/her experiences in groups.

    8. Individuals who simply need someone to talk to

  • Group Counseling is for the following:

    1. Individuals who have similar problems such as personal-social, academic or career and who may belong to the same group.

    2. Persons who are not comfortable sharing his/experiences individually

    3. Persons who need to learn to understand better a variety of people and how they perceive things.

    4. Those who need to learn to respond to others in a proper and civil manner, especially those who feel they are different from others.

    5. Individuals who need to gain social skills (talking/ relating)

    6. Those who need to share with others or have to experience belongingness.

    7. Those who think that support from peers is helpful.

    8. Group of individuals who simply wants to air their concerns and request for assistance to help them understand certain situation/dilemma they presently engaged in.