Western Mindanao State University Guidance and Counseling Center

Individual Inventory

The Guidance Program keeps an organized record of each student. Data about each student are recorded in the Personal data blank. Information about the educational, familial background, test results and interview are accomplished in the respective college guidance offices. These files are updated yearly and serve to help monitor the development of the student. All data serves to help monitor the development of the student. All data are kept strictly confidential.

The following are important information about the student which may be kept in confidential file.

  1. Demographic Information
    - Information about home and email address, telephone numbers.

  2. Home and Family
    - Information about siblings and parents. This may include: Occupational, educational status, income, religion and relationship

  3. Educational Information
    - Information about school attended from prep school to present honors received, study habits and educational plans, vocational and career interest.

  4. Health and Physical Fitness
    - Health record, illness, general activity level.

  5. Socio-economic
    - Information concerning the family background, socio-economics status.

  6. Psychological Test Results.
    - Results of aptitude, achievement, intelligence, personality, interest are interpreted and utilized in counseling.

  7. Academic Performance and co-curricular activity data
    - Information about scholastic, achievement, co-curricular activity in the community and school.

  8. Student Problems
    - Information about student problems as discussed during individual or group counseling.