Western Mindanao State University Guidance and Counseling Center

Information Service

This service provides the students with information on the following: academic, educational, personal, career, occupational that may help students in decision making and goal setting.

In planning the information service, the following types of information are given high priority:

  1. Occupational information - information concerning occupations locally within the province, region, and in the nations, as well as occupational outlook at all levels.

  2. Business/ Industrial information - information concerning industries/ business for example: descriptive information about various industries in the community, province, region or nation also local trends, such as new local industries/ business.

  3. Training information - description of all types of training opportunities, for example: accreditation, loans and scholarships, information about correspondence school on the job.

  4. Educational Information - information not elsewhere classified and not covered in other categories for example: information about curricula and extra-class activities, school policies and traditions, information about course content, financial and other types of assistance to students.

  5. Socio-economic and cultural information - information concerning social, economic and cultural conditions and trends, neighborhood influences and mores, economic conditions, labor law, depletion of resources, human rights.

  6. Resource information - information concerning community, provincial and national resources for the purpose of direct referrals.


  • Orientation of freshmen, transferees, shifters and returning students, on the different Guidance Services.

  • Provide guidance mini-library facilities for purposes of research on matters pertaining guidance and counseling.

  • Provide guidance mini-laboratory facilities for OJT specializing in guidance and counseling/ Psychology.

  • Bulletin board display/ posters/ charts.

  • Current catalogues of school, colleges and universities.

  • Lectures, forums symposium, lectures

  • Audio taping

  • Networking