Western Mindanao State University Guidance and Counseling Center

Other Services

The mutual sharing and analysis of information and ideas with the faculty, parents administration/ management, to facilitate decision-making, action plans and strategies for helping the counselee.

The tapping of agencies, organizations, or individuals that may be of better assistance in the counselee’s resolution of problems and attainment of students’ full potential.

The appraisal of how counselees who have been counseled, placed, or referred or have graduated are doing, to determine whether further assistance is necessary.

Program Development
The assessment of needs, planning, and provision of a systematic program for the delivery of services.

Research and Evaluation
The attempt to unearth the needs of the institutional community; establish the need for improvement; validate new strategies, techniques and interventions; and discover different alternatives for attaining goals.

Public Relations
The explanation of guidance roles and functions, programs and services, and benefits to insiders and outsiders

Wellness and Other Enrichment Program
In response to the needs of each person for a healthy mind, body, and spirit, this program is intended to achieve the total development of persons through methods such as lecturers, seminars, workshops, small group discussion and film viewing.