Western Mindanao State University Guidance and Counseling Center

Psychological Testing and Assessment

Procedure in Testing

  1. Students who wish to take the test may register at the Guidance and Counseling Center as:

    a. Walk-in clients b. Referred Clients c. Per request from a faculty/Dean/College

  2. For routine psychological tests given to a group of students or to identified grade levels, registration is no longer needed.

  3. Testing fee is as follows for routine psychological tests:

    1. WMSU Students

      1. OLSAT (Freshman) - P75.00 per test
      2. BOPI (Shifters) - P75.00 per test
      3. CII (High School) - P130.00 per test
      4. CPQ (Elem) - P75.00 per test

    2. Fast Learner (elem. pupils from public schools) - P150.00 per student

    3. Walk-in Clients - P150.00 per test

    4. Others - P200.00 per test

    Note: Testing fees are subject to change upon purchase of new test materials without prior notice.

  4. All routine psychological tests for WMSU students are scheduled by the Psychometrician.
    Likewise, Psychological test for walk-in clients are done in an appointment basis.

    Registration venue: Guidance and Counseling Psychological Testing Center

  5. Requirements for Testing

    • Personal Data Form
    • Two Copies picture (1x1)
    • Test Permit-Guidance Form A - ID
    • Pencil with Eraser
    • Referral Slip (signed by head/principal)

  6. Schedule for test results/interpretation are given only to persons concerned

  7. Upon release of test results, counseling may be given to the clients as needed/requested

  8. All psycological test results are kept confidential