Western Mindanao State University Guidance and Counseling Center

General Objectives

  1. To assist the individual in making use of his educational opportunities so as to enable him to develop competencies in his chosen career and thus contribute in improving the quality of life for the growth and progress of the region and nation as a whole.

  2. To help the individual in understanding himself and his environment so that he will grow in self-direction with the end in view of attaining greater personal satisfaction and adjustment in life.

  3. To enable the individual to make full use of his resources and become a fully functioning person, capable of maintaining a psychologically, socially, spiritually, morally and economically balanced life; thereby becoming not only a responsible member of the community; but above all capable of contributing to a larger society.

Specific Objectives

  1. Assess individual aptitude, abilities, interest, personality traits, weakness and needs with the use of psychological tests and techniques.

  2. Provide activities that will give students opportunities for intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, vocational and economic enrichment.

  3. Help students set educational, career, and life goals.

  4. Conduct career guidance for the proper placement of students in the world of work.

  5. Help students develop competencies in problem-solving and decision making skills.

  6. Assist students in altering maladaptive behavior through counseling and other behavior modification techniques.

  7. Assist students in the mastery of coping and stress management skills.

  8. Conduct research and evaluation for the improvement of the guidance program.

  9. Collaborates with agencies, organizations and individuals in the community in the interest of the students as well as the community it serves.

  10. Contributes to the development of the professional guidance counselors by providing assistance financially or through the sharing of ideas and expertise through seminar-workshops and conferences.

  11. To Eat when you are hungry and be eaten when you are not